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If you’re not an entrepreneur, it’s still important to maintain clean spaces and surfaces in the office. Common areas are used by many people who pass through them daily. Every business owner knows how challenging it is to motivate themselves to do housekeeping. However, we offer a full range of commercial janitorial services designed specifically for small businesses and can help you keep the workplace clean with the least amount possible of effort.

Our professional cleaners can take care of any size job, large or small. They’ll work quickly and efficiently so you won’t spend hours waiting around for them to finish. We offer all-purpose and specialty commercial cleaning services in Red Deer. We know how frustrating it is to walk into an unclean office environment in the morning. That’s why we make every effort to ensure that your workspace is spotlessly clean before you arrive each day.

Our Office Cleaning Services include:


  • Wipe and/or dust flat surfaces
    like offices, etc.
  • Empty the recycling bins and drop the contents in the agreed place.
  • Placement of plastic bags, the contents of the bins and their disposal.
  • Floor maintenance
  • Periodically clean textile coverings (targeted cleaning or vacuuming)
  • Dusting and cleaning of computers, photocopiers, all office equipment.
  • Clean and disinfect the door handles.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of carpets, rugs and rugs.
  • Passage of the dry mop 
  • Passage of the vacuum cleaner.
    Washing floors, Wet mop.

Reception Area

  • Wipe and/or dust flat surfaces
    (counter shelves, etc.)

  • Touch screens and/or keyboards used for
    visitor registration

  • Floor maintenance

  • Elevator buttons and panels

  • Polish shiny surfaces such as mirrors /

  • Door handles

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces often if necessary
    touched with a durable cleaning solution

Conference Room

  • Wipe and/or dust the conference table (s)
  • Periodically clean textile coverings
    (targeted cleaning or vacuuming)
  • Empty the trash
  • Clean whiteboards and screens
  • Floor maintenance

Break rooms / kitchen areas /Bathroom

  • Empty the trash
  • Wipe down benches, shelves and tables
  • Clean the sink and the surfaces around the sink
  • Wipe all surfaces like traces
  • Wipe other contact surfaces such as handles. Remember the refrigerator handle!
  • Polish shiny surfaces like stainless steel
  • Wipe the floors
  • Bathroom cleaning: sinks, washbasins, lavatories, urinals, soap dishes and mirrors.

We understand how busy people are these days, so we provide flexible scheduling options to fit within your office hour schedule. Our team is highly trained, experienced, and friendly, and we take great pride in our work. We know that having an organized office is important to you so we make sure to do things right the first time. We’re committed to getting the job done right the first time and we’re confident you’ll love working with us!

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